Microarray Chemiluminescence (Biochip) Detection Platform

This system utilizes a hard substrate biochip detection platform for easy and accurate quantitative detection of markers in human body.Multiple indexes were arranged on a chip in the form of microarray. Each index was tested four times in parallel, and each protein chip had negative and positive quality control. The platform is applicable to a variety of reaction principles such as double antigen sandwich method, indirect method, capture method and double antibody sandwich. The marker is horseradish peroxidase (HRP), which catalyzes luminol luminescence. The highly sensitive integrated photoelectric sensor can read all dot matrix optical signals of the whole chip at one time, so as to realize the perfect combination of high sensitivity of chemiluminescence and high throughput of biochip.


Platform advantages:

High throughput
integrated with 56 lattices, each of which can provide finite information;
High accuracy
Mainstream chemiluminescence method ensuring high sensitivity, wide linearity and excellent repeatability
High detection rate
Research achievement of "863" program, optimized combination of indices and coordinated determination to reduce misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis;
High efficiency
Only 180μL blood is required for testing of all combined indices;
Full-automatic devices saving manual operation and avoiding man-made error;
Low cost
Routine inspection items integrated in a chip, forming a "lab on chip" and saving raw material and time。
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